4 Myths About CBD Products You Shouldn’t Believe

If you’re just beginning your research into CBD, you’ve probably run into a lot of myths and fake news about what CBD is and how it affects you. We want you to have all the accurate facts and information about the process and benefits of using CBD so you can make informed decisions for yourself. Here are 4 myths about CBD products that you shouldn’t believe:

1. CBD in Marijuana

Probably the biggest and most inaccurate misconception of CBD is that it is marijuana. While hemp and marijuana both belong to the same family, their parent plant contains more than 80 biologically active compounds, so the two plants have different ingredients. The difference lies in THC versus CBD. In marijuana, you’ll find delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a psychoactive drug that makes you high. In CBD, the main component is cannabidiol that affects your body in ways that lead to health benefits, such as reduced stress and less pain.

2. CBD is a Scam

Despite what you may have heard, CBD and the CBD industry is not a scam. The FDA has approved multiple medications that consist of CBD that help prevent seizures, relieve pain, boost your mood and improve sleep. While research is still in earlier stages, it is proven that when consumed, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system. This interaction has proven to have positive effects on reducing inflammation and lessening conditions such as chronic and neuropathic pain, headaches and migraines, anxiety, and insomnia.

3. You’ll See Fast Results

One comment we hear all the time is, “I’ve been taking CBD for a week and nothing has happened.” That’s because CBD is not a fast results product. Unlike marijuana, CBD doesn’t cause a rapid psychoactive response. Most people begin to see the effects of CBD gradually, over a span of days or weeks after consistently taking the product. Consistency is key, so remember to be routinely taking your CBD products in order to see the best results.

4. All CBD Products are the Same

If you haven’t checked out our huge variety of products yet, you may be thinking that CBD products are all just the same. This idea is completely inaccurate! When you look at the science behind this, you’ll learn that CBD is found in over a hundred plants with varying cannabinoids in nature. When you extract the CBD and additional cannabinoids from these plants, you get Full Spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum CBD provides loads of benefits and can be used in various different products, resulting in all kinds of positive effects. You can use oils, creams, capsules, and even treats for your pet. Yes, CBD is also pet-friendly!

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